• Patrick King


Updated: Jan 9

It's come to my attention recently that younger folks find it hard to believe that anything of significance was possible before the advent of computers. When I tell them that one of their favorite automobile manufacturers, BMW, didn't use computers of any kind in the design of their technically advanced cars until the mid-eighties they refuse to believe me. Yet Paul Rand designed his most famous icon, the IBM logo, the same way I did with this mark for my personal letterhead in 1978, long before I bought my first Mac: pencil, Rapidograph pen, India ink with a brush, white-out as necessary, then a reduction via stat camera from 9" x 9" to 1" x 1", and finally pasting-up text galleys from a type house vendor on a drafting table.

Detail of hand-drawn logo for King Design, circa 1978, complete with ink smudge.

My office on the 40th floor of the Prudential Center in Boston, same era.

My plan is to sift through my portfolio of work going back to my first paying graphic design project just out of art school to compare and contrast the way things were done then with the way they're done now. Stay tuned.

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