• Patrick King


Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In 1978 I went to work as art director for Associated Industries of Massachusetts, a manufacturer's lobby group. While I still did quite a bit of illustrating the position necessitated that I begin to take graphic design more seriously.

Left to right: House Speaker Thomas W. McGee; Governor Edward J. King (no relation); "Corrupt Midget" Billy Bulger, Senate President and brother of mobster James "Whitey" Bulger.

And while the term "side hustle" wouldn't appear for another few decades we nevertheless all had them back then, including the Editor of Industry magazine. For his American Seaport magazine, I designed and produced covers using pen-and-ink and Rubylith™ film. This was an intriguing process since it involved so many variables with no way of predicting the printed results other than through experience. I would draw the basic image with my ink pen, then fill out the 3D shapes with areas of white paper and color using CMYK ink. This was NOT four-color process, however; I separated each color with film, hand-cut using a #11 X-Acto knife.

The exciting part was that you never quite knew what the results would be until the cartons of printed magazines arrived from from Wellesley Press. Challenging and fun!

See a similar cover in progress at my drafting table on the Fossils post.

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